Thursday, 12 March 2009

Mini Book Swap

handmade papers & bank note book

This is the bank note book I received from Simon in our mini book swap. He makes amazing books and glorious handmade papers. Simon has made a series of mini pamphlet-stitched books using old, withdrawn from circulation, bank notes, as covers - ingenious idea!

my handmade mini books - can you guess which
one I swapped with Simon?

To view more of his work and see the book I sent him go to
Paper Curious


SGW said...

Thanks for the link Lubna. Your Mini Books look fantastic laid out like that. Best Regards Simon

Lubna said...

Thanks Simon and you're most welcome:-)

bockel24 said...

They look like a lot of work!

Lubna said...

Hi Marion:-)
No, not really - I was on a roll so didn't notice:-)