Thursday, 5 November 2009


05.11.09-Postcard box - angled view

This is a postcard box I recently constructed from…. postcards of course:-) This box can be constructed from any picture really so long as the sizes are all the same. You can use:


handmade cards

cut up greeting cards

magazine images

your own art

You can double up your postcards so that images are inside of the box also, or you can line your postcard or images with plain card as I have done. We are working with landscape images, so it’s best to find images in this orientation – apart from the sides of the box which can have portrait images.

So, basically what you’ll need to make this box are:

supply of postcards/pictures

plain card to back cards

embroidery threads in contrasting colours

pricking tool

soft mat for pricking on


double sided tape


embellishments (optional)

05.11.09-Postcard box top view

top view

Cut all your cards to one size – you’ll need 4 cards landscape size for the back, front, top and bottom of the box and two cards portrait size cut to the same width square. Whether you’re using postcards or plain card to double up, make sure you cut up all your cards to match – so you should end up with 8 landscape size and 4 portrait size cards.

05.11.09-Postcard box - side view 105.11.09-Postcard box - side view 2

side views

Now pair your main images with their backing images and secure with a little double sided tape to hold together. You should have 6 cards to make one box.

With your card on the pricking mat and using your ruler and pricking tool score a line, lightly - half centimetre away from the edges of the card, so you end up with a half centimetre border all the way around the card. Do this to all the cards.

Now along that light score line prick holes half centimetre apart all the way round the card. Do this to all the cards

05.11.09-Postcard box - front view

front view

Choose a colour of embroidery thread that compliments the shades in your cards and using a simple blanket stitch bind your pairs of cards together – do this to all 6 cards.

05.11.09-Postcard box - back view

back view

Now the constructive part – sewing all the parts to make the box. Starting with the base and making sure you have your main image on the outside, place the back card (your image that will be facing the back) on top of this (main image facing upwards) and with a contrasting thread on your needle, using a whipping stitch go through one blanket stitch on the base card and one blanket stitch on your back card and lash together to secure each card to the other (refer to my pics for reference) .

05.11.09-Postcard box -top & front view

top & front view

Then taking one of the side cards whip stitch this to the base card and to the back card. Working your way systematically with all the cards, bind them all together and to each other using this whipping stitch. In my pics my blanket stitch is in deep pink and the whipping stitch is in blue.

05.11.09-Postcard box - inside view

inside view

After the box has been constructed you can pick out details to embellish – that’s just optional. I’m an embellishment kinda gal and will embellish anything in sight, so if you look at my images you’ll see I’ve used sequins, coins and bead trim to jazz up my box. Do what you want and make amazing boxes! :-)


Sharon said...

This is a fab idea ~ I will definitely have a go at this, thank you for the tutorial!

Lynne K said...

This certainly is an amazing box! Absolutely beautiful. I love how you've embellished it with the sequins and beads.

Lubna said...

Hi Sharon
Thank you so much - I'd love to see your box when you've finished it:-)

Lubna said...

Hi Lynne K:-)
Thank you so much for your lovely comments - I'm glad you like my box:-)

My name is CINDY...... said...

This is so weird, I was just looking at instructions for one of these in a book yesterday.