Thursday, 25 March 2010


It’s been years since I visited Camden – don’t know why- just the way it is.  It’s weird really coz as a Londoner whenever I think of London I always think Covent Garden, Oxford Street, Leicester Square and all those typical London touristy places, yet Camden is still London, albeit, North London, but it’s such a lively, vibrant place to visit. 

19.03.10-Camden Town (14)

Colourful buildings, funky fashions

19.03.10-Camden Town (15)

Inviting and iconic shops

The whole retail shopping experience is so different from Oxford Street. Here you’ll find outrageous attire, funky bags and footwear, weird and wonderful accessories, handicrafts and Art – basically original stuff that you wouldn’t be able to normally find in your normal high street store.

19.03.10-Camden Town (13)

Camden Town is such a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities. Here you can sample a diversity of mouth-watering foods, with vendors calling out to you to sample their delicacies and at good prices too. I especially thought the seating was really cool.  By the food stands are a row of cut off motorbike seats and it’s these you sit on  under a canopy to shield you from rain and eat your meal.  I really liked that concept and thought it was a typical Camden Town thing.

19.03.10-Camden Town (20)19.03.10-Camden Town (17)

Eat your meal on Motorbike seats

19.03.10-Camden Town (18)

As well as a weird and funky feel to Camden, it also has a quaintness and charm all of it’s own. Camden Lock is lovely and you can sit and relax and admire the view of the canal and boats whilst eating or wandering around the Camden Village Market or just sit and people watch – it’s amazing to see so many different people.

19.03.10-Camden Town (21)

View of the Canal

I especially loved the Camden Village Market, it’s retail units are housed in beach hut type buildings, all painted in an eclectic mix of colours and selling a range of things from fashion, jewellery, handbags and accessories to hand crafted goods and artwork. I don’t think there’s anything you can’t find and buy here – it’s brilliant!

  19.03.10-Camden Town (12)   

Camden Market

19.03.10-Camden Town (16)

Funky shops

19.03.10-Camden Town (9)   

Inverness Market



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