Wednesday, 14 April 2010


I can’t believe how quickly this show comes around each year. It seems barely have I spent all my money at the previous show the next show comes along and Whoosh! my savings have gone again!

Admittedly, the show does come round twice a year – the Spring Show in April and the Autumn show in September – and again admittedly, I do attend both usually;-)

10.04.10-BSSBS-Ally Pally

The Palm Court Entrance of Ally Pally

The venue of Alexandra Palace or “Ally Pally” as we Londoners affectionately call it is a beautiful place. It sits high on a hill in North London with a magnificent panoramic view of the London skyline spread majestically in the horizon – it’s a beautiful sight to see on a clear and sunny day.

We had a clear and sunny day on this particular day of visiting the show, but I was too busy inside buying stuff like a crazy person:-) It was noticeably quieter this year and I caught snippets of people’s conversations commenting the same thing – I wonder why? In a way it was good as you had more room to move around without feeling crammed in.

10.04.10-BSSBS-Ally Pally (3)

Inside the Palm Court of Ally Pally

I got there quite early on Saturday morning at 9.30am and the doors were due to open at 10am. There was already a huge queue of ticket holders lined up at that time. So, when the doors finally opened on the dot of 10 everyone just poured in eagerly with full purses and lengthy lists and I’m sure, like me, they left with only half the things on their lists and empty purses:-)

Barbara Gray’s (Clarity Stamp) stand was absolutely jam packed with crowds all around watching her fabulous demos. I always love to watch her demo-ing her products and techniques. She is such a lovely lady, always cheerful and friendly. This time, however, I wasn’t able to even get near her due to the throng of people. I did manage to greet her on the way out though.

10.04.10-BSSBS-Ally Pally (5)

Inside the Exhibition Hall

My other all time favourite stand to visit is the LB Crafts Stand where they stock so much of the Paper Artsy range as well as the Glimmer Mists and Viva range of paints. I always spend far too much at this stand – and their demos are so fantastic! My personal theory is they tantalize your senses with their delicious demos that you have no choice but to buy all the products:-D Oh well, I tell myself it’s money well invested:-)

10.04.10-BSSBS-Ally Pally (4)

The LB Stand – one of my favourites

There weren't many people swapping ATCs this year either - though I did meet up with Deb (Rustycage) and we swapped 2 for 2. Her new series of ATCs using her painted background technique is really cool and I am now the proud owner of two of those - Yay!! Good seeing you there Deb:-)


13.04.10-BSSBS Goodies Galore (4)

Delicious, yummy eye candy to delight you…

13.04.10-BSSBS Goodies Galore

…tantalize you and….

13.04.10-BSSBS Goodies Galore (2)

…tease you

13.04.10-BSSBS Goodies Galore (3)

Bye for now!



Deborah said...

You have some lovely stuff there, Lubna. Those £1.75 Prima stamps are a brilliant buy, aren't they. I restricted myself to two - I see you didn't :-)Thanks again for three fabulous ATCs. Deb x

My name is CINDY...... said...

Wow!! That's a LOT of stash Lubna. I love the Clarity stall too and it was much quieter on Sunday, got to watch some demos!! Barbara is always so upbeat and down to earth she is a pleasure to watch. Love your blog, you have inspired me to go to Camden as well - can you believe I have never been there? The fish pedicure sounds fascinatig too!

Clare said...

Wow look at all those goodies.

(Clarey from artful idea's)

Lubna said...

Thanks Deb - yeah I s'pose I did go a bit overboard didn't I - LOL! Yes I thought those Prima stamps were such great value that's why I couldn't resist buying so many - not my fault they shouldn't have so many designs to choose from:-)
Was lovely seeing you at the Ally Pally and trading "live" with you :-) X

Lubna said...

Thanks Cindy - Yep! Too many goodies to pass up on:-) Yeah I agree, Barbara is such a lovely lady and a real pleasure to watch her demo's.

So glad you're loving my blog and if it has inspired you to visit Camden Town then that's great - I would really recommend it as a day out to anyone - such an eye opener and the fish pedicure is an unforgettable experience! :-)

Lubna said...

Thanks Clare:-) x