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The last time we visited Long Melford, a few years back, we just drove through it really on the way to some place else - so we didn't get a chance to actually visit. This time, however, we did and though we got there late on Saturday afternoon, when all the antique shops had closed we did get to browse in and out of some quaint gift shops and stop for tea at a lovely little tea room.

 17.04.10-Long Melford (56)

Long Melford is one l-o-n-g stretch of road...

17.04.10-buildings-Long Melford (14)

filled with old pubs and inns...

17.04.10-Long Melford (52)

The Bull - built in 1450 and has been an inn since 1570

17.04.10-buildings-Long Melford (3) 

                        The Crown Inn

17.04.10-buildings-Long Melford (8)

Beautiful old buildings - Gappmaiers Restaurant

17.04.10-buildings-Long Melford (5)

Antique shops - Noel Mercer Antiques

Long Melford, a former wool town in the Middle Ages, is a lovely village in the heart of the Suffolk countryside.  It's claim to fame lies in being the Antiques Capital of Suffolk and it's wide, tree-lined street has a wealth of interesting gift and antique shops, some of which were featured in the 80's British TV series "Lovejoy".

 17.04.10-shop window-Long Melford

old timber framed window

17.04.10-shop window-Long Melford  (2)17.04.10-shop window-Long Melford  (6)

pretty shop windows displaying their wares

17.04.10-shop interior-Long Melford (2)

shop window displaying Golly's tea party

17.04.10-shop interior-Long Melford (3)

Fabulous gift shop - was like an Aladdin's Cave full of wonderful treasures to buy.

17.04.10-shop interior-Long Melford

pretty, dainty, beautiful things

I loved walking along the street looking at all the old buildings and wondering about their history.   There is a delight to see in every direction, from the rickety old buildings surrounded by timber framed windows and the oak beamed fronts to the charming doors and house name plaques on the walls. Some even had dates on them which was good to see.

17.04.10-doors-Long Melford (2)17.04.10-doors-Long Melford (3)


17.04.10-plaques-Long Melford

house names...

17.04.10-plaques-Long Melford  (2)

and year plaques

17.04.10-buildings-Long Melford (2)17.04.10-buildings-Long Melford (12)

these buildings were built in 1868 according to the plaque

17.04.10-buildings-Long Melford (13)

terraced buildings painted in delicate pastel tones

Long Melford is also fortunate to have two stately homes: Melford Hall and Kentwell Hall (which often hosts Tudor weekends).  Suffolk wool towns such as Lavenham are nearby.

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