Saturday, 3 May 2008

Bits and Pieces

This is a little fledgling robin that I discovered nesting on the shelf of my workshop where all my jars of mosaic pieces are. The workshop is in such a state that I haven't used it as a workshop at all for ages and it's become more like a shed. The mother robin probably thought "oh this is a nice uninhabited place for me to build my nest" and so she did. I caught sight of this scrawny little thing sitting atop an empty tin of chocs -it was so cute and wasn't in the least bit scared of me - it just stared straight at me.

I went outside and then I took this pic of it sitting by the window looking out (bottom left hand corner) - it just looks like one of those ornaments you put up at Christmas time :-D Well, the little thing has flown the coop now (so to speak) coz I haven't noticed it in the shed for a while.


This was the "Art in a Carton" I received from my good friend Shakti, in Spain. You can tell the time and love that she has imparted in creating this beautiful carton and all the wonderful ART inside. I was just "gobsmacked" with the colours and the exterior of the carton itself and the way Shakti had created the closing with eyelets and beaded ties - it truly is a work of ART!

Inside the carton was treasure of beautiful handcrafted goodies, just waiting for me to lovingly unwrap and admire: a gorgeous Art Doll made from what I think is balsa wood and trimmed with fibres, beads, sparkly stones etc, a small handmade book tied up with dark blue satin ribbon that matches the box, a beautiful ATC and a glittery gold leaf - everything was most impressive and I loved it all!


Last week I discovered a birds nest in amongst my passion flower and honeysuckle bushes and sitting in it was what I thought was a blackbird, but now I'm not sure what it is. Can you make out from this pic of it peeking up? Anyway, I didn't disturb it - well, only took this photo but without flash, so as not to scare it. I noticed it would fly away for a while and then return again and sit in the nest but all this week it hasn't been there and I think it's abandoned the nest. Today my hubby checked the nest and sure enough there was one solitary speckled blue egg -cold. It made me feel so sad. We've left the nest there as it is - don't know what else to do really.

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