Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Living Crafts 2008 at Hatfield

I'm kinda late posting this entry since this event I'm blogging about took place last month. But since this is my Blog and there are no rules or expiry dates or any restrictions whatsoever, I'll just go ahead and recount the day for you, my readers :-)

The Living Crafts 2008 Fair took place in the first week of May and I went on the first day with my friends Amanda and Sharon. The weather was beautiful, though a bit blustery - but at least the sun was out in full force and the setting was beautiful. The fair took place on the 1000 acre country estate of Hatfield House, the home of the 7th Marquess of Salisbury.

Hatfield House is a Jacobean House completed in 1611. It was the childhood home of Elizabeth I. The Living Crafts Show takes place on the estate of Hatfield House each year and this is the first time I'd been. The House is open to the public, but we just didn't have enough time to take a tour, as there was so much to see on the grounds.

There were white marquees dotted about everywhere and inside them we found stands with exhibitors displaying traditional arts and crafts such as willow weaving, quilting, felting, raku firing, pottery making, traditional wood crafts, jewellery making, blacksmith, cider making and so much more. There were also plenty of food stalls selling home made cheese, pickles, chutneys and cordials.

This was one of the Blacksmiths stand that specialized in wrought iron signs, sculptures and decorative plaques etc. Their work was highly skilled and very attractive.

This reindeer and horse sculpture was made entirely from horseshoes. I thought it very innovative and I really liked them.

This guy was walking around with a very handsome Eagle Owl

Old steam engine

This Donkey's name was Humphrey. He was a working donkey and wore a yoke around his neck and walked round and round an apple press to make fresh cider.

This was such a delightful, musical, whimsical, watery display that made up this orchestra of copper frogs, snails, butterflies and dragonflies. There was band music coming from speakers within the display and water was spurting out from pipes.

This really was a motley crew of comical creatures, but the concept was brilliant and it was a visual and auditory wonder of delights. Evidently this could be hired out for occasions.

This old Oak tree was just magnificent and I couldn't resist taking a picture of it. Infact there were other people who must've been equally impressed by it as I saw them taking pics as well.

All in all we had a lovely day out. I ended up buying olives, garlic and sundried tomatoes in olive oil from the olive man, home-made elderflower cordial and lemon grass & lime cordial from the juice stand, I made glazed a pot and had it raku fired, tried my hand at willow weaving, chatted to countless, friendly craftspeople, bought some scraps of fabric from the quilting stand, saw felt being made at the felters stand, stroked a donkey, watched a demo of glass fusing in a revolutionary new microwave kiln and bought some lovely stationery items from a very talented Artist named Emma Ball, who specializes in watercolours and produces calendars, notebooks, prints, notecards and many other items from her colourful works of art. Most of all being at this spectacular show with my friends and just enjoying the beauty of the place and the sunshine really made my day!

For more info on Hatfield click here
For more info on Emma Ball click here


Jan said...

I missed it this year - I was SO disappointed because I usually go every year.Must make sure I keep next year's date free!

Lubna said...

Hi Jan
I apologize for my late reply to your comment - for which I thank you :-)

This is the first time I'd been to the Living Crafts at Hatfield and I'm so glad I did as I there were so many talented craftspeople there and such an amazing array of work to see!

If I go next year I'll remember to keep an eye open for you (provided of course we go on the same day!) :-)