Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Check out my Slide Show!


Robert said...

Hi Lubna.
WOWEEE didnt you shop till you dropped haha.
Thank you for coming to our stand and swapping ATCs with me and im real sorry if my demo,s made you spend too much.
As long as you enjoy and use what you buy who cares.
Look forward to seeing you at the next one cos you will be there and you know it haha.
love and smiles Robert.
PS ive put a link to your blog from mine if thats ok as i want more people to see the lovely and fascinating art you do.

Lubna said...

Hi Robert
Sorry for taking so long in replying to your comment-oops! :-)

Hey you shouldn't be apologising to me for having spent so much on your stand - your demos are so great - who can resist spending on the products when you demo them so well? - so you must be doing something right :-D

Aww Robert thank you for adding a link to my blog on yours - that's really good of you and I appreciate your thoughtfulness. I hope you'll visit my blog often as I will do yours!

As for seeing you at the next show..... well... only time and the state of my purse will tell - ha ha ha!