Monday, 14 April 2008

What's a Poor Crafter to Do?

Over the course of this weekend Alexandra Palace hosted the Big Stamp & ScrapBooking Show. There are two shows hosted here annually - one in the Spring and another in Autumn. I love attending these shows and always end up spending too much on things I could (if I was truthful) live without, but get tempted into buying. These shows do that to you and unless your will power is protected by re-inforced armour plating then you fall into that "shop till you drop" and I absolutely must have this" trap.

But, it's really not your fault you tell yourself when you get home and unpack your purchases one by one and lay them out till your table is groaning under the weight of tons of crafting supplies. You really did need all this STUFF! What's a poor Crafter to do when she's bombarded in every which way direction by the most delicious, tempting array of goodies that each company has to offer. The demos alone make my mouth water with anticipation of producing the same gorgeous art that the exhibitor has just shown you how to make - that's why you simply have to buy that specific stamp and that specific ink pad and that specific trim and card and embossing powder and doodad and that £30 gadget with accessories that does everything except wipe your backside!! - even tho you have all that stuff at home anyway!
But, like I said, it's not your fault - your defenses are down. That inviting smile from the Exhibitor and the friendly chitchat and most of all that amazing demo she/he's making especially for you! - how can you not give into their charms and hand over all your dosh with that starry eyed, glazed look on your face - it's only money after all and what's that compared to the ART you'll be able to create - bigger, better and MORE because of all the stuff you were persuaded to buy! (SUCKER!!)

Oh well, I tell myself again this time, that I definitely won't be attending the next show in September - no I really won't - honestly I mean it, believe me I'm not going - Really! Hmmm.... now where can I find me a blacksmith and a pattern for an armour-plated dress?

Ok, you really wanna see the total array of goodies I was "persuaded" to buy? Well, don't say I didn't warn you!............ (I've listed every single item beneath)

1. 1x gold Krylon pen
2. 1 x red Krylon pen
3. 4 x soft brushes for mica powders (2 were for my friends)
4. 3 x mini spritzers
5. 3pks button embellishments (for Meena)
6. 3 x Colourbox ink stackers
7. 1 x black Archival ink pad
8. 1x black Stazon ink pad
9. 4 x assorted embossing powders
10. 1 x Crop-a-Dile with accessories box
11. 6 x collage images sheets
12. 1 pk x 12 Jaquard Pinata alcohol inks
13. 1 k x12 mica powders
14. 9 x various plastic stackpots
15. 3 x Sakura Jellyroll pens
16. 5 x VersaMagic ink pads
17. 6 x various palstic storage boxes
18. 2 x Tim Holtz's alcohol inks
19. 3 pks polypropylene ATC sleeevs
20. 1 x mini brayer
21. 1 x Friendly Plastic
22. 6 x adhesive roller refills
23. 3 x assorted size clear greeting cards bags
24. 3 x white tag books
25. 2pks various Bazzill chip shapes
26. 4pks chipboard shapes
27. 1 x book -Handmade Clear Stamped Cards by Barabara Grey (Clarity Stamps) - signed
28. 1 xA2 cutting mat
29. 1pk A4 black shrink plastic
30. 1pk Kling-On for mounting rubber stamps
31. 1pk Cut n' Dry stamp pad felt
32. 1pk x 50 pearlescent cream greeting cards
33. 1pk x 10 red pearlescent greeting cards
34. 1pk ass. colours long skinny envelopes
35. 1pk small square buff coloured envelopes
36. 1 x mini book for altering
37. 2 x Paper Artsy gold trim
38. 2 rolls double sided adhesive sheets
39. 1m red/gold swirl design fabric
40. 1 set coloured metallic binder rings
41. 2 pks Paper Artsy rubber stamps sheet
42. 1 x Indian designs rubber stamp sheet from Avec
43. 2 x individual stamps from Artistic Stamper
44. 1 x Indian design rubber stamp set from Woodware Craft Collection
45. 1 x Oxford Impressions - "The Bird's Nest" rubber stamp sheet
46. 2 rubber stamp sheets from Invoke
47. 1 x dressmakers dummy stamp from Clarity Stamp
48. 1 x man's tie u/m stamp
49. Tim Holtz's Stampers Anonymous Swirl Stamp
50. 1 x paisley rub-on sheet ..........
and a partridge in a pear tree!!!! - couldn't resist, just had to finish off with that! :-D

Well, there you have it in it's entirety - amazing or what! The list looks more than the picture doesn't it? - which just goes to prove the old addage "a picture is worth more than a thousand words".

Now that you've got your breath back (hopefully), sit back and take in the pleasant views of Ally Pally (as we Londoners affectionately refer to Alexandra Palace as). Are you sitting comfortably? - then we shall begin.......

This is the South elevation of Alexandra Palace
The Western elevation - The Phoenix Bar entrance.

Beautiful Rose Window of the Great Hall.

The Great Hall of Alexandra Palace where they host exhibitions and conferences.

The foyer of Alexandra Palace otherwise known as the Palm Court - decor is based on Egyptian style.
This is the magnificent view from atop Musgrove Hill, North London where Alexandra Palace stands. You can see the London skyline in the faraway distance. To your far left is Canary Wharf and The Docklands and to the far right is the "Exotic Gherkin" building and the Financial District. It really is a breathtaking view and I never tire of it. For more info on Alexandra Palace go to:


She Who Flies said...

Great to see you now have a blog! And what a delightful post :-)

Indeed, you did get a LOT of stuff! I think we can all relate to this although it's been a while since I bought any supplies, in truth (I guess you could say I've been using up my stash ;-)

You have many hours of fun and creativity ahead of you and, at the end of the day, that's what matters.

Lubna said...

Hi Chantal
Thanks for your good wishes and comments on my blog - I appreciate you taking the time to visit :-D