Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Changed My Blog Name

You may have noticed a major change to my blog and it's that I've changed the name of it from "A Little Bit of This & a Little Bit of That" to "LoobyLou's Place". I did this for various reasons - one of them being, I thought my original title was a little long-winded - too much of a mouthful really:-). Secondly, LoobyLou's Place sounded more artistic - if you get my drift? Also, LoobyLou used to be my very first nickname in primary school (believe me I've had more after that!). Another reason was that when I first started this blog (very recently) I never took the time to chew around a few names before setling on "the one". I was too impatient to get blogging and "out there" - ok, I was rash - there I admitted it! In my reckless abandon and eagerness and impatience to start blogging and join the millions of others out there and share with them my ART and parts of my life and thoughts, I chose the first name that popped into my head - tho it sounded really good to me at the time.

But since I've been blogging and seeing that title bar appear it hasn't looked right or sounded right to me and then it came to me in a "Eureka" kinda vision - "LoobyLou".... LoobyLou's Place" - Yeah Baby! - that sounded good and most of all it was personal to ME. So Dear Readers, don't be worried I'm not about to chop and change after this - you can rest assured.

A little trivia on the name LoobyLou - Now this is going back a bit and showing my age, but what the heck:-D

In the 60's, when I was just a wee young slip of a girl, (and all our tv viewing used to be in black & white) there used to be a segment on TV called "Watch with Mother" and on this segment there used to be a show called "Andy Pandy" and for anyone in the know, Andy Pandy's best friend used to be called.... yes you guessed it! LoobyLou - that's how I got my nickname folks!

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