Friday, 4 April 2008

Yesterday's Accident

There was a terrible accident outside my house yesterday. It happened just as the kids were coming out of school around 3.20pm. I was upstairs on the computer and I heard a loud thud and I looked out the window and saw someone lying in the road and people had started to gather around. I immediately phoned the emergency services and they arrived amazingly fast on the scene. Apparantly a young boy had been knocked over. I don't know what his condidition was/is, I'll have to wait till the local paper reports it in a couple of days - I just pray he's ok. It was so hectic out there for about an hour with the police ariving on the scene and traffic being held up and so many people gathered on the streets watching intently - it's so sad.

Well, onto a more brighter note.... I've been busy busy busy creating these wraparound books. I'm like a whirling dervish producing book after book. I've made about 15 in all so far and they're so satisfying to make and easy too. They're pamphlet stitched with handmade paper covers and the covers wraparound twice - hence the name "wraparound books". They measure 16cm x 13cm approx and they're ideal for journaling. I'm planning to open an Etsy account and put them on sale there - it all takes time tho doesn' it?

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